Tom Voss

Tom Voss, Iraqi war veteran

Almost Sunrise is the first feature documentary film to introduce the term “moral injury” into the lexicon of war. It profiles two Iraqi war veterans, Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson, who embark on a 2,700-mile journey across America to put their haunting combat experiences behind them.

According to Voss, moral injury is a “wound to the soul” that manifests itself in the form of grief, sadness, or shame. Voss describes how every day was like an emotional rollercoaster when he returned from Iraq. He was constantly bombarded by voices and images and was overcome by the noise. However, the yoga exercises and power breath meditation workshops he discovered helped to clear his mind. Those techniques, coupled with the weeks he spent trekking across the country, soothed the pain and trauma that shook him for years.

Voss shares with host Jonathan Aberman the dark flashbacks he endured:

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