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Episode 313: KABOOM! Dave’s on the IR but D.C. Dan, Coach Kevin McNutt, and “Mean” Mark Barry have you covered this week. They open with a bit of fantasy football strategy with the preseason getting underway. Kate Fagan of ESPN and ESPNW joins the show to discuss the San Antonio Spurs hiring Becky Hammond as the first woman assistant coach in the NBA and what it means for women in men’s pro sports going forward. With the Kevin Love deal to the Cleveland Cavaliers basically complete, Sekou Smith of the NBA’s Hangtime Blog, breaks down the deal and how it impacts the Eastern Conference. Sekou also looks at the Paul George injury and future of Kevin Durant.

08-07-14 Edge of Sports


Episode 312: BOOM! We have a fantastic show in store for you this week. Dave, Coach, and Mark react to the NFL suspending Ray Rice only two games for his actions against his now-wife earlier this year. Dan Bernstein, CBS Sports Chicago Writer and Show Host, details the hypocrisy of Tony Dungy and the false narrative of distractions in a NFL locker roomDr. Walter Beach, NFL Champion defensive back, previews his new memoir “Consider This.” Finally, everyone’s favorite high school athlete stops by, Noah Tilton!

07-24-14 Edge of Sports

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